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an example

- selection and implementation of a CRM system also
CTI binding with a service enterprise.
Pilot system with 5 work places and 20 planned CCAgent
work places

- new conception of a CRM software for
Enterprise from that
Financial service range; Upgrade of the software,
New conception of the CC – Inbound GUI,
Discussion manuals, Lettershop, reporting, integration
the departments of marketing and selling

Selection and implementation of a DMS system
a Finanzdiensttleistungsunternehmen.
Pilot system with 3 work places and 30 planned CCAgent

- development of a CC system for an enterprise
from the range Healthcare; Development that
Outbound GUI, reporting, CTI, training
Subproject line of a CRM system for
Enterprise from the range power supply;
Production of the GUI for contract data acquisition inclusive.
Plausibility checks, development that
Discussion manuals for the range Outbound,

- conception and structure of a CRM software
Test center among other things for the products of: e-POINT, Siebel, PEOPLESoft

- development and realization from TK binding
CRM systems

- development and production of a knowledge data base in
Ms ACCESS for an enterprise from the range mechanical engineering

- Design, development and support of the Web operational readiness level for an enterprise from the range building of acoustics

- development of a CRM system for a prominent enterprise
from the range power supply; Range CC/big customer selling

Development of software for Controlling and Accounting applications; CRM integration; DMS integration; Systems analysis; Feasibility studies; Specialized concepts; Training course and product documentations provide; Portal integration; Computer telecommunications integration; Development and organization of Websites; Conception and structure of NT server domain; Structure system support within the range hard and software; Experience of several years in consultation and Second and Third level support; Integration of a CRM system into a portal; Application training for CRM/DMS solution user; Development and adjustment of Client Application, interface and/or Graphic user interface