... for the freelance project cooperation

- free advisors are equivalent interlocutors, who "do not duck" or simply only say yes. They can call and do things with the name, for which internal coworkers fear a career break or other sanctions.

- the customer estimates impulses of "outside". Many departments cook their "own mash" for years. Things/situations are accepted as natural, although they do not have to be like that. A view from the outside can be inspiring much there. An outstanding one sees things, which sees internally already for a long time none more or was never seen.

- a certain task or project is to be professionally settled in a defined period. Free IT advisors "tick" differently.

- customers need a highly-qualified coworker for a task/a project, the position offer however no full time place.

- with the use of free advisors the customer remains flexible regarding his personnel situation, if the development of the department is uncertain or is to be restructured.

-Wenn a defined project the temporal possibilities of the employee team would blow up.

- in the enterprise the qualification (Skill/KnowHow) is missing

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