crm now its customers Customer Relationsship Management (CRM) offers to total conceptions, which independently of the location and language for any number of users in an enterprise immediately ready.

crm now other enterprises a CRM system helps to introduce for the first time or to replace an existing solution by software up-to-date and an efficient to the Application Service Provider (ASP) model.

The strengths of the offer lie particularly in the small entrance threshold for interested enterprises both in the price also in the necessary IT infrastructure.

In addition a qualified support and service concept come. Thus the offer is interesting not only for the middle class, but also for small businesses.

The characteristic of the CRM of offer lies into singular combination of capability characteristics in the enterprise, like the full confession to the ASP business model: crm now its software offers excluding on-line ones. Customers can fall back thereby to special know-how and experiences in the on-line enterprise.
Attention of security needs: A special emphasis of the solution exists in the high care, which was put into the safety device of the customer data against unauthorized access. That reaches from secured online communication up to the protected data storage. Of course data protection regulations are kept.

The employment of open SOURCE: crm now SOURCE sets on open. The economy of the solution resulting from it is passed to our customers. Small development costs and the high flexibility make it possible crm now to react fast and favorably to customer requirements. Compared with other available solutions the installation expenditure, the running costs of maintenance and management are smaller. The already existing function spectrum corresponds to highest professional requirements and can be developed nearly at will, without additional license costs develop.
Supply of the net infrastructure: crm now if necessary and takes over the administration and the enterprise from electronic entrances to the CRM software makes available to an adequate net infrastructure over all wire-bound and wireless media.

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