The AMTANGEE AG from Berlin is manufacturer of the innovative CRM solution of the same name, which was developed particularly for the middle class. In the program a solution is new for the binding of mobile devices - thus also the field service is merged perfectly into the firms structures!

AMTANGEE® Customer Relationship Management

AMTANGEE® small and medium-size enterprises support with the structure of profitabler kundenbeziehungen. AMTANGEE® it is so easy to serve that all appear your coworkers in the solution. Innovative and simple functions in AMTANGEE® promote co-operation and save for you time.
AMTANGEE®, a Customer Relationship Management solution for small and medium-size enterprises, optimizes your customer relationships and supplies to you with valuable information.

Selling optimize: AMTANGEE brings mobile CRM to solution on the market

With innovative CRM solutions for the middle class the citizens of Berlin AMTANGEE AG provides for efficiency on the mobile job: AMTANGEE® mobile merges coworkers in the field service smoothly and easily in enterprises.

On the basis of Windows mobile 2003 Phone edition information is available to a customer in real time in the field service. Their coworkers in the field service see complete history being able to a customers address and attendance reports time near and convey electronically to your enterprise.

See assigned in your enterprise directly to a customers address, which in and outgoing calls in the field service were led. Additionally you can by means of the innovative Push technology of AMTANGEE your mobile coworkers directly reach.

The integrated control functions in the solution let you determine, which data on the mobile equipment are stored. Thus you attain a maximum of security over your customer data.

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