Organization and Consultation

The execution of projects requires therefore its own project organization. Only by the organization of a project it is ensured that

the complexity is structured and decreased thereby
the extent arranged and thus surveyable and manageable becomes
the different fields of activity become probably active
the temporal finiteness is also reached. (Lit.: Pitter, 2000, S. 25ff)

Under project organization all organization forms are therefore summarized, which itself for the accomplishment of complex, singular tasks with specific achievement -, date and cost goals are suitable.

Fundamental several tasks are to be prepared at the project organization:

Project Design: Organization of the course of project, the integration of the project in the organizational structure and the position of project manager and project group.
Project planning: Tasks like the planning of personnel, dates, materials, costs etc. of the project.
Project defaults: All substantial project-relevant requirements are to be given to the project group and all other involved one, so for example the order for project and its changes. (Lit.: Pitter, 2000, side 26ff)

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